Meet The Team

We work together for 'Success'.Whether we play a large or small role,by working together we achieve our objectives


Avneesh Mishra


The Man who started this journey of his life with nothing but faith , a faith so strong and grounded that it manifested into a reality named "Rangshila". He is a self sculpted human and his clarity of vision is fueled by his passion and commitment towards theater arts .

Monika Mishra


This sweet lady with her infectious smile is the backbone of Rangshila.Not only with her performances but, she has remained with the team shoulder to shoulder in all most every department viz. costume, production, stage management.

Shashi Chaturvedi


You may take him to be an introvert person, but when it comes to storytelling, no one can beat this born entertainer . An actor at heart and mind , Shashi is a diploma from the Bharatendu Natya Academy, (Lucknow), has been awarded scholarship by the Cultural Ministry of India

Vandana Bhushan

Team Management


Errol Rodrigues

Team Management


Kush Jobanputra

Head of Production

Kush is the lifeline of Rangshila.He is multi talented and multi faceted.There is nothing that surpasses this eagle eye. He is a bag of energy with an equally big heart.A trainer by profession he has now made Theatre is only destination.

Gaurav Gupta


Vikram Chawla




Shilpi Kukreti


Shubhin kant


Kashyap Acharya