Sur Vs Asur


Avneesh Mishra

Music By:

Shridhar Nagraj

Written By:

Surabh Nayyar


Saurabh Nayyar,Niketa Saraf,Monika Mishra,Saby Mishra,Ananya Purkayastha,Natasha Azad,Anand Dubey,
Shravan Borana ,Kush Jobanputra ,Roshan Shetty ,Amey Ghule ,Nishil Kamalan ,Rahul Tiwari ,Niyati Kaul ,
Shubhin Kant and Dhwani Datt

Sur Vs Asur

This story is about a young Boy, Aadarsh. One night Aadarsh falls asleep while studying for his music history exam. In his dreams, along with his sister Nidhi, he enters a strange new world of music and encounters interesting personalities at every step of the way. Caught in a war between the Sur and the Asur, the Asur forces led by the evil chieftain, Velcrow. Adarsh & Nidhi are desperate to wake up & return home. It is a story about adventure, friendship, struggle and celebration.The play includes set pieces featuring world famous musical greats. The line-up includes baul singer Lalan Fakir, Singer and Activist Mariam Makeba of South Africa, Cuben-American salsa performer Celia Cruz and Famous soprano singer Rosa Ponselle.